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On this page, you'll find information about issues before the Ontario Legislature.

For many issues, there is an accompanying petition. You can download and print any of these petitions, then collect signatures and return them to my office.

If you choose to collect signatures on a petition, please do so in a safe way that respects all COVID-19 public health guidance. Please note that original signatures are required,  individual sheets do not have to be completely filled, and there is no minimum number of signatures. You may consider getting signatures in person from your own close contacts, and then sharing the PDF or link with others.

Completed petitions can be mailed or dropped off in the orange mailbox at my community office:
101-240 Commissioners Road West, London, ON N6J 1Y1

If you have questions about petitions, please contact my office at [email protected]

Would you like to write your own petition?
You can find guidelines on preparing petitions here, or if you want help with making one please contact my office.


My bill to provide paid sick days for every worker in Ontario.

My Stay Home If You Are Sick Act creates a made-in-Ontario framework for providing paid sick leave to all Ontario workers, during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Get more details and sign the petition calling for the government to pass this bill.

My bill to close oversight loopholes in home care clinics.

My Private Member's Bill calls for the Minister of Health and Long-term Care to be made responsible for oversight of home care clinics, to update the Home Care bill of rights to ensure that patients know how to complain about home care clinics, and to mandate the annual inspection of home care clinics by public health units.

Download the petition

Today, optometrists and their patients are experiencing the result of decades of chronic cuts to vision care, exacerbated by the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. New Democrats are urging the government to commit to a firm timeline for a fair payment schedule that will stabilize the sector and minimize this disruption to vision care. We must make sure that eye care services remain available for all Ontarians. 

Add your name or download a printable PDF of the petition here.

Repeal breed specific bans and instead implement legislation that encourages responsible ownership of all dog breeds and all dog types.

Download the petition

Restricting the powers of Conservation Authorities weakens environmental protections, puts more power into the hands of private developers, and leaves Ontarians at risk. Schedule 6 of Bill 229 did just that. Join the call to restore the vital role of Conservation Authorities in local land use planning and permitting, and to support the continued delivery of a broad range of programs as directed by Conservation Authorities.

Add your name online or download a print petition here.

No one should be forced out of their home in the middle of the pandemic. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of having a safe, secure place to call home. Right now thousands of tenants are unable to pay their rent and are about to be evicted. Many have nowhere to go. They are on the verge of becoming homeless - in winter, in the middle of the pandemic. Lives are at risk, and the government must act now to stop COVID evictions.

Add your name or download a printable PDF of the petition here.

Reverse the recently announced OSAP cuts, protect the existing tuition grants, and reinstate the six-month interest-free grace period after graduation.

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Demand that the government halt the cuts to classrooms and invest to strengthen public education in Ontario.

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Prioritize public ownership and control of water over corporate interests and make free drinking water accessible in all public spaces across the province.

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Stop long-term care residents from losing their home after 30 days in hospital.

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Eliminate the parking fees introduced in August 2016 to ensure that Komoka Provincial Park remains accessible to residents of the City of London and all Ontarians.

Download the petition

Tell the government to stop fighting Ontario's midwives in court, and immediately comply with the Human Rights Tribunal's order to pay midwives fairly, close the gender pay gap, and uphold the human rights of midwives

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London families are struggling with some of the highest child care fees in the province.

Many families across Ontario struggle to access quality care, which makes it impossible for some parents — particularly women — to work.

Despite the fact that Ontarians pay the highest child care fees in Canada, the government is dragging its feet on working with the federal government to introduce a $10 per day child care program, even while almost every other province and territory has signed on.

Click here to download a petition to demand $10-a-day child care!