Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

Establish Homes Ontario

Government was once an integral part of building the vital housing we need. Following World War II, a Crown corporation known as Wartime Housing Limited successfully built and managed thousands of units for returning veterans. Canada built 1.5 million of these  ‘Homes for Heroes’ between 1943 and 1960 on government land for moderate income households. Since the 1990s though, federal and provincial governments’ housing policies moved away from this, and toward relying on the for-profit private market to deliver the new housing that people need. 

What this means for families and people across the province is that housing has never been more expensive to rent or buy. 

It's time for the province to resume their historic responsibility for the construction, delivery, and provision of truly affordable housing.

Please download my petition, sign it and return it to my office to be presented in the Legislature.