Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

Protect the Greenbelt


WHEREAS the Government has removed 7,400 acres of land from the Greenbelt;

WHEREAS the Government says it will replace the lost land with land elsewhere – but many of the proposed additions are already protected;

WHEREAS the Government has eroded environmental protections to make it easier to build badly planned housing developments;

WHEREAS Ontario is already losing 319.6 acres of farmland daily to development;

WHEREAS the Government Housing Affordability Task Force found there are plenty of places to build homes without destroying the Greenbelt;

WHEREAS the Government’s repeated moves to tear up farmland and bulldoze wetlands have never been about housing, but are about making the rich richer;

WHEREAS greenspaces and farmland are what we rely on to grow our food, support natural habitats and prevent flooding;

THEREFORE, we the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to stop all plans to remove protected land from the Greenbelt & protect existing farmland and sensitive wetlands.

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