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May 30, 2019

London West Girls' Government calling for improved equity in education

London West Girls’ Government at Queen’s Park calling for improved equity in education   QUEEN’S PARK – The London West Girls’ Government was at Queen’s Park this morning to advocate for improved g... More
May 7, 2019

Ford Conservatives’ tax increase in London will hurt families

Ford Conservatives’ tax increase in London will hurt families   QUEEN’S PARK — NDP MPPs for London Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe), Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre) and Peggy Sattler (Lon... More
April 9, 2019

35 Thames Valley Educational Assistants Laid Off

Queen's Park, April 8 2019 - My question is to the Minister of Education. Following this government’s $1-billion cut to public education last month, 35 educational assistants received layoff notic... More
March 8, 2019

Leading Women Leading Girls

London NDP MPPs launch local Leading Women, Leading Girls Building Communities Recognition Program LONDON — The city’s three London NDP MPPs — Teresa Armstrong (London-Fanshawe), Terence Kernaghan ... More
February 25, 2019

Cutbacks to crash beds and mental health services

Queen's Park, February 25, 2018 -  "I rise today to recognize the hundreds of walkers, volunteers and donors who participated in London’s Coldest Night of the Year, raising funds to support Mission... More
November 21, 2018

Playing Politics with School Funding

  Queen's Park, November 21, 2018 - "My question is to the Premier. Masonville Public School, Tweedsmuir Public School, Kettle Creek Public School: These are just a few of the schools in the Londo... More
November 20, 2018

Cuts to Parents Reaching Out Grants

  Queen's Park, November 20, 2018 -  "Recently, I received an email from Dan Howard, principal of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School in London West. He told me that this September, St. T... More
November 15, 2018

Hospital and Community Shortage of Beds

Queen's Park, November 15, 2018 - "My question is to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. A freedom-of-information request at London Health Sciences Centre revealed that since 2014, 6,190 al... More
November 13, 2018

A Provincial Diabetes Strategy

  Queen's Park, November 13, 2018 - "Today students at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School in London West wore blue to walk for diabetes. They walked to honour the legacy of Sir Frederick Banti... More