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March 6, 2023

Sattler to the Premier: Fund London's whole-of-community mental health services approach

QUEEN'S PARK - In the face of an unprecedented health and homelessness crisis, Londoners have rallied behind a transformational whole-of-community response to help those struggling with homelessne... More
March 6, 2023

Families Need Relief From Rising Gas Bills

QUEEN'S PARK - Families in London are facing an affordability crisis like never before. Carol Brisseau is a retired London West senior who lives with her adult son on ODSP. She struggles to pay he... More
March 1, 2023

All Workers Need 10 Permanent Paid Sicks Days

QUEEN'S PARK - With the Ford government’s flawed paid sick days program expiring on March 31, I was proud to support the call of the Decent Work and Health Network for 10 permanent paid sick days.... More
February 27, 2023

Fund Public ORs like London's Nazem Kadri Centre

QUEEN'S PARK - Cathy has been waiting for a knee replacement since 2019 and she asked me about accessing knee surgery at the Nazem Kadri Centre for ambulatory care - a publicly funded, scalable mo... More
December 8, 2022

London Needs Appropriate Mental Health Supports For Children

QUEEN'S PARK - My office is working with 3 families who can’t get residential care to address their children’s serious mental health needs. I called on the Ford government to commit to providing a... More
December 7, 2022

MPP Sattler Presents Greenbelt Petitions

QUEEN'S PARK - Thanks to all those in London who have signed petitions to protect the Greenbelt from the Ford government's plans to pave over farmlands and wetlands so wealthy PC-connected landown... More
December 7, 2022

London Volunteers and Donors Bring Joy to those Struggling this Holiday Season

QUEEN'S PARK - Many thanks to the many organizations, volunteers and donors who are making the holidays a little brighter for those in need. Special shout-out to the Hyde Park and District Lions C... More
November 28, 2022

Ontario Workers Need 10 Permanent Paid Sick Days

QUEEN'S PARK - The Ford government’s temporary, inadequate and COVID-related paid sick days scheme won't help Ontario workers if they - or their child - has flu, RSV, or other illnesses, putting p... More
November 22, 2022

Sattler to the Premier: Support Tenants Through Rent Control

Ryan got hit with a 17% rent increase because he lives in a post-2018 building, and may be forced to move out if he can no longer afford rent. All units... | By Peggy Sattler | Faceb... More