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December 11, 2017

NDP demands to know how many students forced to quit college

QUEEN’S PARK— Ontario NDP Advanced Education Critic Peggy Sattler is demanding that the Wynne government come clean about the number of college students forced to drop out in order to receive a tu... More
December 4, 2017

Wynne Liberals deny locally driven solution to fix Toronto’s crumbling schools

QUEEN’S PARK— Toronto-Danforth NDP MPP Peter Tabuns released the following statement after the Wynne government said Monday it would not agree to an NDP plan to allow the Toronto District School B... More
December 1, 2017

Southwestern Ontario college students shut out of hardship fund

QUEEN’S PARK—In question period on Thursday, NDP Education critic Peggy Sattler and Windsor West NDP MPP Lisa Gretzky said that the Wynne government has let down college students who lost wages wh... More
November 28, 2017

Sattler calls on government to adopt jury inquest recommendations following student death QUEEN’S PARK - Ontario NDP Education Critic Peggy Sattler issued the following statement regarding the coroner’s inquest jury recommendations, released o... More
November 28, 2017

NDP wants lead in school water fountains cleaned up fast

Conservative's Brown guarantees $0 to addressing school repair backlog QUEEN’S PARK—In question period on Tuesday, NDP Education critic Peggy Sattler demanded that Kathleen Wynne stop neglecting t... More
November 27, 2017

My Statement on the 2017 Pillar Community Innovation Awards Last week I joined almost 1,000 Londoners at the Pillar Community Innovation Awards to celebrate the people and organizations that a... More
November 23, 2017

NDP concerned about college students missing licensing exams following strike

NDP demands Wynne offer better support and compensation for students QUEEN’S PARK – Kathleen Wynne refused to step in and help end the colleges strike earlier, letting it drag on for five weeks – ... More
November 21, 2017

Statement from Ontario NDP Advanced Education Critic MPP Peggy Sattler

  QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario NDP Advanced Education critic Peggy Sattler issued the following statement regarding the Liberal government’s failure to adequately help students returning to classes afte... More
November 15, 2017

Wynne government must support college students let down by unprecedented strike

QUEEN’S PARK—In question period on Wednesday, NDP Education Critic Peggy Sattler was determined to get answers for college students concerned that the strike at colleges throughout Ontario is cost... More
November 14, 2017

Wynne’s inaction leaves college students behind as labour dispute enters its fifth week

QUEEN’S PARK—In question period on Tuesday, NDP Education critic Peggy Sattler called on the Wynne government to bring stability to the college system rather than chaos, by finally acting to ensure... More
November 2, 2017

Wynne Liberals are leaving families in need of autism services languishing on waiting lists

November 2, 2017 New Democrats call for action to get children the services they need QUEEN’S PARK – London West MPP Peggy Sattler was joined by constituent Jessica Ashton, and Ontario Autism Coal... More
November 2, 2017

‘Ineffective’ Liberals failing students in crisis

November 2, 2017 QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Education critic Peggy Sattler says years of neglect by the Wynne Liberals have left post-secondary students and institutions struggling to cope with rising rat... More
November 1, 2017

Liberal underfunding leaves college students scrambling

November 1, 2017 QUEEN’S PARK – While students rallied outside the legislature on Wednesday, inside NDP MPP Peggy Sattler was pushing the Wynne government to stop underfunding post-secondary insti... More
October 31, 2017

Students and faculty pay the price as Liberals drop the ball on college strike QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Education Critic Peggy Sattler says the Wynne Liberals are failing Ontario students affected by a province-wide l... More
October 26, 2017

Children with autism left waiting as Liberals stall on autism strategy

October 26, 2017 QUEEN’S PARK – As hundreds of parents, educators, children and caregivers rallied outside the legislature to call for better access to autism services, NDP MPPs demanded in questi... More