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Resources for Tenants

This is a list of compiled resources for tenants. 

Salvation Army Housing Stability Bank

The Housing Stability Bank offers financial assistance to low income Londoners to maintain their housing as well as those at risk of homelessness to remain housed. This program offers a wide range of services, including; Emergency Utility Assistance which provides grants or interest-free loans to assist with outstanding utility payments pertaining to gas, electricity, or water; Money Coach Services made up of one-on-one coaching regarding financial matters; assistance with completion of Applications to the Ontario Electricity Support Program; and the opportunity to receive interest free loans for Rental Assistance in order to fulfill Rental Arrears, First and/or Last Month’s Rent.

Applications to the Housing Stability Bank program can be completed by appointment only. To book an appointment, contact Salvation Army’s Centre of Hope via:

Call: (519) 964-3663 ext. 300

Email: [email protected]

Walk-in: 281 Wellington St., London, ON


Neighbourhood Legal Services – Tenant rights

Neighbourhood Legal Services offers free summary advice for tenants through their Tenant Duty Counsel program, in addition to their standard practice which offers information, advice and representation to low income tenants with their housing issues. 

Their Tenant Duty Counsel is available on Wednesday mornings from 9am-12pm, as well as all day Thursdays and Fridays. This walk-in program assists tenants on a first come, first served basis, with no guarantee that you will be assisted that day.

Call: (519) 438-2890

Email: [email protected]

Walk-in: 910 – 383 Richmond St. (Corner of Richmond and King) London, ON

Health Unit: Housing

In the event that a health hazard is occurring in your home, Public Health Inspectors on the Environmental Health Team at the Middlesex-London Health Unit can become involved. Health hazards are anything that are likely to have a harmful effect on a person’s health.

The Middlesex-London Health Unit should only be contacted after you have notified your landlord both verbally and in writing of the problem, and have allowed two weeks for a response. Public Health Inspectors do not make site visits for all calls. Upon contacting the Middlesex-London Health Unit, a Public Health Inspector will follow-up with the tenant and landlord to help resolve the issue, and a site visit will be made when a risk assessment is deemed necessary. To speak to a Public Health Inspector, call (519) 663-5317 ext. 2300

Health Unit: Mould

Middlesex-London Health Unit inspectors will only carry out an inspection regarding mould when all of the following conditions are met: mould is visible, the property manager has been notified of the concern in writing, and the concern as not been addressed in a reasonable amount of time. Health Canada has not set an exposure limit regarding mould, as health risks depend on exposure and each individual’s sensitivity. Should you find mould in your house, you can speak with a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team at (519) 663-5317 ext. 2300.

Health Unit: Bed Bugs

Middlesex-London Health Unit inspectors will only respond to concerns regarding bed bugs after you have notified your landlord both verbally and in writing of the problem, and have allowed two weeks for a response. When a bed bug infestation is discovered, the Health Unit can work with a tenant and landlord to fix the problem before City enforcement is needed. For help with a bed bug infestation, you can speak with a Public Health Inspector on the Environmental Health Team at (519) 663-5317 ext. 2300.

Western Off-Campus Advisors and Housing Mediation Services

The OCA is an extension of Housing Mediation Services at Western, which offers a free confidential forum in which parties can discuss their problems before a neutral third party. While this service facilitates the resolution process through suggestive approaches to the handling of problems, it can not be used to obtain legal advice or as an alternative to the police in emergency situations.

Call: (519) 661-3787

Email: [email protected]

Housing Mediation Services: Rm 3C1 Ontario Hall, Western University, London, ON

Fanshawe Off-Campus Housing Mediation

Fanshawe offers a free confidential forum where students can represent and discuss their problems before a neutral third party. This service is primarily for facilitating resolution between students and landlords, students and London residents and/or students and students in the areas of housing and lifestyles.

Call: (519) 452-4282

To make an appointment, visit Room F2010

1001 Fanshawe College Blvd., London, ON

Housing Access Centre (HAC), City of London

The City of London and the County of Middlesex require social housing applicants to be 16 years-old or older, able to live independently, and a Canadian citizen, Landed Immigrant, or Refugee Claimant. Additionally, no member of your household can have a deportation, departure, or exclusion order, as well as owe arrears to any social housing units.

Call: (519) 661-0861

Email: [email protected]

Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington Street - Suite 248, 2nd Floor, London, ON

Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Facilitators at Youth Opportunities Unlimited’s Supportive Housing can assist with housing searches, provide application support for their onsite housing programs as well as basic housing items and hygiene products, connect youth with available housing supports and help youth move towards independence.

Call: (519) 432-1112

Email: [email protected]

333 Richmond Street London, ON




Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation – Assistance Programs

The CMHC funds affordable housing programs (repairs, renovations, and/or adaptations) for older adults, people with disabilities, Indigenous people, and low-income Canadians. Each program has its own eligibility standards and available financial support. Call: +1 (800) 668-2642

First Nations Housing Co-op

Helps low-income First Nations households living in urban areas obtain affordable rental housing.

Call: (519) 645-2549

Email: [email protected]

665 Lorne Ave, London, ON

LIFE*SPIN – Community Housing Initiative

Assists people with low incomes secure permanent, affordable housing. Also assists guardians, support workers, Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program administrators assign housing to those who qualify.

Call: (519) 438-8676

Email: [email protected]

866A Dundas St E (at Ontario St)

London and Middlesex Community Housing

LMHC provides rent-geared-to-income housing accommodation at 32 properties across London. Information and list of properties available at

Call: (519) 434-2765

Email: [email protected]

Oxbury Mall, 1299 Oxford St, Unit 5C5 (at Highbury Ave N)

March of Dimes – Home and Vehicle Modification Program

The MDC provides financial assistance towards the cost of required home or vehicle modifications for eligible Ontario residents of any age who have a long-term physical disability. 

Call: +1 (877) 369-4867

291 King St, 3rd Fl (at Wellington St)

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation – Disabled and Senior Tax Exemption Program

MPAC’s property tax relief program is designed to provide direction and information on the property tax exemption for homes built or modified to accommodate older adults or persons with disabilities.

Call: +1 (866) 296-6722

Westmount Shopping Centre Upper Level, Unit 252

785 Wonderland Road South, London, ON



Emergency shelters, second stage housing, transitional outreach and telephone helpline for women and their children.


450 Clarke Rd (at Dundas St)

101 Wellington Rd (at McClary Ave)

Emergency short-term shelter for abused women and their children

 Second Stage Housing

1416 Ernest Ave (at Bradley St)

25-unit rent geared to income complex

Crisis call: (519) 642-3000 or +1 (800) 265-1576

Office call: (519) 642-3003


Atlohsa Family Healing Services Zhaawanong Women’s Shelter

A shelter for women and children belonging to the First Nations community who are at high risk of further abuse in the family home.

Crisis call: +1 (800) 605-7477

Shelter call: (519) 432-2270

256 Hill St (at Wellington St)


Mission Services of London

Men’s Mission

Emergency shelter and transitional housing for homeless men 16 years and older. Daily registration begins at 3:30pm. Daily 24-hour emergency admission

Call: (519) 672-8500

459 York St (at Maitland St)


Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter

Emergency shelter for parents and their children, and homeless single women with no shelter options. 

Call: (519) 673-4114

42 Stanley St (at Wharncliffe Rd S)



The Salvation Army, Centre of Hope

Shelter and short-term housing of up to one year (reviewed on a case-by-case basis) for single men and women 16 years and older. Services for residents include clinic, medication distribution, referrals, counselling, outreach, spiritual care, and case management. Food, clothing, and other material aid provided as necessary.

Call: (519) 661-0343

281 Wellington St (at Horton St)



Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness in London

Emergency shelter and transitional housing for people 18 years and older. Services include food, clothing, crisis intervention, advocacy, and housing support. Daily 24-hour emergency admission.

Call: (519) 433-8700 ext. 0

717 Dundas St E (at Lyle St)




City of London By-Law Enforcement and Property Standards

Enforcement officers address structural or unsafe conditions under the Property Standards Acts, and investigate landlord/tenant issues. With the exception of safety and vital service issues, tenants must wait two weeks after sending a letter to their landlord before requesting these services.

Property Standards enforcement officers primarily address issues such as: abandoned buildings, unsafe trees, structural problems, pests, vital services such as heat/hydro/water, and property maintenance.

Complaints: (519) 661-4660

General: (519) 930-3510

Email: [email protected]

300 Dufferin Ave, 7th Floor (at Wellington St)



Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation

Assists in mediating with landlords, or in filing a human rights complaint under the Human Rights Code, and provides those facing eviction with information about their rights.


Call: +1 (800) 263-1139

Email: [email protected]



Landlord and Tenant Board - Southwestern Regional Office

Established to resolve disputes between landlords and tenants through mediation or adjudication. The board can provide information concerning tenant and landlord rights and obligations, as well as process applications to determine and regulate justified rent increases for both landlords and tenants.


Call: +1 (888) 332-3234

150 Dufferin Ave, Suite 400 (at Richmond St)



Ontario Tenants Rights

A web guide to Ontario’s Landlord and Tenant Act, the Residential Tenancies Act, tenants’ rights, social justice, and rental housing issues such as: finding apartments for rent, high-rise safety and security, mice, cockroaches, pigeons, and “toxic mold”.






Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Income supports for adults 18 years and older with a physical disability or mental health issue that is continuous or recurrent and expected to last longer than one year. Employment supports are available and provided by community service providers.


Call: (519) 438-5111

217 York St, 3rd Fl (at Clarence St)


Ontario Works Program

Short-term income support for food, shelter, household, and personal needs, along with help finding employment. Special allowances and health benefits may be available as a supplement to a monthly cheque.


General: (519) 661-5432

Applications: (519) 661-4520 ext. 3


Citi Plaza

355 Wellington St, Suite 248 (at King St)


Glen Cairn Community Resource Centre

244 Adelaide St S (at Leathorne St)


Northland Mall

1275 Highbury Ave N, Unit 107 (at Huron St)


London East

1835 Dundas St E (at Clarke Rd)


South London Community Centre

1119 Jalna Blvd (at Bradley Ave)


Westmount Shopping Centre

785 Wonderland Rd S (at Viscount Rd)



When ending a tenancy, the RTA sets out regulations on the following topics:

  • Renewing a lease
  • If a tenant wishes to move out
  • Assigning a tenancy and subletting
  • Ending a tenancy by the landlord
  • Reasons for eviction, including but not limited to based on the tenant’s conduct