Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario


Please find current petitions in my office below. You can find guidelines on preparing petitions here, or if you want help with making one please contact my office.


Girls' Government Petition 2019 - That the Legislative Assembly increase funding for sexual assault centres to ensure that girls and young women have access to counselling and support, and require all school boards to: provide free menstrual products, review dress codes, incorporate consent into all curriculum, address issues of gender identity and sexual orientation in sexual education, provide resources and staff training, and reverse class size increases.

Close oversight loopholes for Home Care Clinics - Make the Minister of Health and Long-term Care responsible for oversight of home care clinics, update the Home Care bill of rights to ensure that patients know how to complain about home care clinics, and mandate the annual inspection of home care clinics by public health units.

Stop Ford's Cuts to Education- Demand that the government halt the cuts to classrooms and invest to strengthen public education in Ontario.

Support our Students: Stop Cuts to OSAP! - Reverse the recently announced OSAP cuts, protect the existing tuition grants, and reinstate the six-month interest-free grace period after graduation.

Water as a Public Good - Prioritize public ownership and control of water over corporate interests and make free drinking water accessible in all public spaces across the province.

Stop the Eviction of Long-Term Care Residents – Stop long-term care residents from losing their home after 30 days in hospital.

End Breed-Specific Legislation Repeal breed specific bans and instead implement legislation that encourages responsible ownership of all dog breeds and all dog types.

Komoka Park Petition –  Eliminate the parking fees introduced in August 2016 to ensure that Komoka Provincial Park remains accessible to residents of the City of London and all Ontarians.