Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

Ontario workers urgently need paid sick days

Published on April 1, 2021

QUEEN'S PARK -- "My question is to the Premier. On the verge of another province-wide lockdown,  everyday Ontarians are once again wondering how this government managed to mess up so badly.  At the same time, everyone except for the Premier and his cabinet seems to understand exactly why  we are in this position once again: the government refused to give workers the support they needed to  stay safe and the support they needed to stay home if they were sick or if they needed a COVID test.

When is the government finally going to listen to the health experts, the business leaders, the workers, the mayors and councils, the boards of health—literally everyone who isn’t a Conservative MPP—and give people the paid time off they need to stay home so we can finally end this pandemic?"

"Dr. Peter Jüni from the science advisory table just today has reiterated the need for paid sick days at a provincial level in this province. Without a provincial program of paid sick days, without paid time off to get vaccinated, without any help from this government, workers won’t have any other choice but to keep going into work, where they will keep getting sick.

How many more times are we going to do this? Is the government going to wait for a fourth or a fifth lockdown before they finally recognize the urgent need for paid sick days for Ontario workers?"