Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

My Question on Wait Times for Knee & Hip Surgery in London

Published on October 3, 2016

Sattler demands Premier take action to cut London’s record wait times for surgery

Queen’s Park – During Question Period today, Peggy Sattler, London West NDP MPP, demanded the Premier cut surgery wait times in London by providing adequate funding. Londoners face some of Ontario’s longest wait times for surgery.

“People in Ontario who need surgery should be able to get it, regardless of where they live in the province. But in my community, people are waiting as long as 449 days for hip or knee replacement,” Sattler said.

“We are at a critical moment. If we don’t cut wait times in London, more and more people will continue to suffer. When will the Premier take action to increase funding for surgeries in London – so that people in London and area are no longer forced to wait longer than anyone else in Ontario for the surgeries we need?”

Sattler told the legislature about one of her constituents who has been told that she will have to wait 27 months – more than two years – all the while paying for pain-relief out of her own pocket.

“Wait times have gotten worse under this Liberal government, not better. People who need surgeries cannot wait months on end to be able to walk again, stand again, and live without constant pain,” Sattler said.

“The wait time for knee replacement at London Health Sciences Centre is 108 days longer than this government’s target wait time. People in London are suffering, and this Premier isn’t doing anything to help.”

“When will this Premier put people first for a change – and cut wait times for surgeries in London?” Sattler said.