Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

2024 London West Leading Women Leading Girls

Nada Abdallah is a Grade 11 student at Oakridge Secondary School and social justice advocate determined to make the world a better place. In 2023, Nada was selected as one of 11 students from across Canada to be a Youth Ambassador for Raising the Roof, a national charity dedicated to ending homelessness. In 2024, she won the Model UN Parliamentary Assembly’s Outstanding Delegate Award for her diplomacy, leadership and collaborative problem-solving, affording her the opportunity to travel to Italy for an international conference on world issues. Nada is a shining example of the importance of youth engagement in addressing local and global challenges.

Letters of Support: George Letsos & Shoshana Coodin

Winnifred Barnett has been a member of Business and Professional Women (BPW) London since 2009, serving as president from 2012 to 2018 and as Fundraising Chair from 2018 to 2022. In all her efforts, Winn’s priority has been to strengthen community connections and mobilize women and girls to participate in community service. As a sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, Winn gives selflessly of her time through coaching and mentoring, and always looks for the best in others. Winnifred’s leadership and volunteerism, and her integrity, enthusiasm and positive attitude, have earned her national recognition from both BPW and Mary Kay Cosmetics.   

Letters of Support: Kathryn Munn & Janice Connell

Catherine Brophey is a London Police Services detective in the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section, known for her compassion, advocacy, and commitment to seeking justice for those affected by gender-based violence. Dealing with some of the most challenging and sensitive cases, Detective Brophey goes above and beyond to guide and support survivors through the legal process, and was pivotal in instituting a new program at Masonville Mall to train security on how to identify at-risk situations. Detective Brophey is a positive and empathetic role model, and exemplar of excellence and professionalism, who inspires and empowers those around her.

Letters of Support: Rachel Buttigieg & Michelle Serpa

Safiya Chaudhary is an exceptional grade 10 student and fearless advocate for human rights and social justice, committed to amplifying the voices of those who are marginalized and enhancing sustainability at Thames Valley schools. Through her participation on the Saunders Secondary School Student Council, she has been a force for inclusive, positive change and for bringing communities together, spearheading her school’s first-ever club fair and leading efforts to address anti-Palestinian racism at her school. As an inspirational leader and role model, Safiya encourages and empowers her peers to take action and get involved in community advocacy.

Letters of Support: Jody Van Haren & Savrup Saran

Jacqueline Doxtator is a student at Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School who embodies resilience, determination, and perseverance in her drive to support Indigenous communities, prevent gender-based violence, and reduce racism and discrimination. Jacqueline played a key role on school projects to fundraise, educate, and engage her fellow students on Orange Shirt Day and Red Dress Day, advancing truth and reconciliation efforts and raising awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Through her leadership, celebration of Indigenous cultural activities, and commitment to justice and remembrance, Jacqueline inspires all those around her, both at school and in the broader community.   

Letters of Support: Kirsty Higson & Ivonne Tavares

Mystery Furtado is an internationally-trained nurse from Belize and the founder of Type-Diabeat It, a non-profit organization focused on diabetes prevention and support for those living with diabetes from marginalized and racialized communities. As a passionate and tireless advocate for health equity and community empowerment, Mystery addresses healthcare disparities with culturally sensitive resources, expert insights, and a supportive space for diabetes management. Her organization promotes nutritious and affordable food choices through the cultivation of ethnic produce, which is redistributed within the community, and through her work with Thames Valley students and schools.

Letters of Support: Bonnie Garba & Jenna Goodhand

Natalia Gasca Guerrero is an outstanding grade 12 student at St. Andre Bessette Catholic Secondary School, and an active and engaged community volunteer. Following her arrival in Canada as a refugee claimant in 2019, Natalia’s passion for community service and strong desire to give back immersed her in the Northwest London Resource Centre as a participant in the Youth Empowerment Program, member of the Youth Council, and enthusiastic and energetic volunteer. Through her empathy, character and leadership, Natalia has been a source of inspiration and motivation for her peers and mentors alike.

Letters of Support: Amani Radhaa & Steve Szabo

McKenna Guy is an exceptional student leader, gifted competitive athlete, and tireless champion for change, who encourages and supports others to reach their full potential. Elected as one of two student trustees for the London District Catholic School Board, McKenna initiated a board-wide eco-waste drive and advocated to bring back school cafeterias. As the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School Student Council Prime Minister, McKenna organized school environmental activities, and has led efforts to build community and promote equity, inclusion and diversity. McKenna has also been an exemplary tutor, coach and mentor, building confidence and inspiring others through her leadership.

Letters of Support: Cheryl Sywyk & Linda Steel

Anna Hopkins is a three-term city councillor, dedicated to public service and deeply rooted in her community. Anna is known as a passionate environmental advocate and steadfast champion of gender justice, who consistently demonstrates integrity and empathy in listening to and advocating on behalf of her constituents. With an unwavering dedication to breaking down barriers and empowering women in politics, Anna actively participates in community mentorship initiatives and encourages women to pursue leadership roles and engage in the democratic process. Anna’s commitment to social justice and the betterment of others epitomizes the values of leadership, compassion and service.

Letters of Support: Skylar Franke & Josh Morgan

Bernadette Kariuki is the founder of Tabitha’s Daughters, an organization that mobilizes local volunteers to raise funds for feminine hygiene products, menstrual health education, sanitation resources and mentorship for girls in Kenya and Cameroon while addressing issues like period shaming, stigma, myths, taboos and gender-based violence. The efforts of Bernadette and her team enabled more than 1,520 girls to complete their education in 2022. Tabitha’s Daughters is also tackling period poverty locally through hygiene drives for London agencies. Bernadette is truly a champion for girls and young women, empowering them to overcome gender-related stigmas to pursue their passions.

Letters of Support: Heather Lokko & Adam Garba

Harmanjot Kaur is a kind, knowledgeable, and trusted mentor for London newcomers, especially from the Punjabi community, and a life-line for women experiencing intimate partner violence. For newcomers, she makes London feel like home, encouraging community engagement by facilitating connections with local businesses and organizations. For women experiencing intimate partner violence, Harmanjot provides support, advice and referrals to the services and resources available to keep women safe. Harmanjot is a true leader in creating a positive, healthy, and violence-free community for all, who uplifts and motivates all those around her.

Letters of Support: Kiranpreet Kaur & Amandeep Singh

Lynne Kring has been the dedicated general manager of London’s Parkway Gardens for the last 20 years. Lynne has not only grown the business from 30 to 80 employees, but has also grown Parkway’s contributions to the London community though special events and fundraisers for many charitable causes. At the same time, Lynne has encouraged and empowered her female staff, implementing anti-violence and harassment policies for a safer work environment and mentoring women to pursue careers in the male-dominated field of horticulture. Lynne has been a transformative leader, instigating change to make Parkway Gardens a more welcoming work environment for all.

Letters of Support: Erik Jacobsen & Gary Owens

Susan Mueller is a certified electrician and business owner of Wortley Electric. Throughout her career, Susan has demonstrated unwavering commitment in a male-dominated industry, admired by colleagues and clients for her skills and professionalism and as a positive role model for others involved in her field. She has shown determination to overcome barriers in life and in her trade by expanding her business and continuing to deliver top-notch services. Susan’s accomplishments are an inspiration for women and girls seeking to pursue careers in non-traditional professions, encouraging them to go after their dreams no matter what path they choose.

Letters of Support: Ian Leishman & Robert Dunn

Lori-Ann Pizzolato is an experienced Thames Valley District School Board trustee and authentic community leader, dedicated to enabling all students to reach their full potential and to strengthening the relationship between the school board and the community. Lori-Ann is deeply committed to public education, as both an advocate for students and parents and an unwavering champion for equality and diversity. She also understands the vital importance of mentorship, through her guidance and support for student trustees, her trustee colleagues and women university students, making her a positive and inspiring role model for women and girls in our community.   

Letters of Support: Corrine Rahman & Sherri Moore

Christine Pronovost-Vivian is a courageous mental health advocate, whose heartbreaking loss of her son to suicide sparked her determination to help others struggling with mental health and addiction. Christine organized several fundraisers for suicide prevention in memory of her son, donating all the proceeds to FEMAP and Suicide Prevention Middlesex London. At her workplace and in the community, Christine is breaking down stigma by sharing her son’s story and doing everything she can to raise awareness and improve access to mental health resources. Christine is a powerful example of someone who has turned grief into action to create meaningful change. 

Letters of Support: Jen Masters & Robert Syko

Maureen Reid is an outstanding innovator, social worker, educator, and mentor whose leadership has made a profound difference for women and children experiencing intimate partner violence. At the London and Middlesex CAS, Maureen played a pivotal role in bringing agencies together from across sectors to collaborate on safety planning for high-risk families. She continues her fierce advocacy for women and children as a therapist, trainer for judges, and Social Work professor at King’s University College. In all aspects of her career, Maureen has displayed a steadfast dedication to the safety of survivors and their children. 

Letters of Support: Kate Wiggins & Lisa Heslop


Cathy Thornton is an exceptional volunteer at VON’s visiting program, working for the past 13 years with a female adult with physical disabilities to help her live independently at home. In this role, Cathy spends several hours a week on visits and chats, and helps with grocery shopping and other household tasks. During the pandemic, Cathy increased her volunteer hours to make sure that her client was not alone or put at risk. Cathy’s selflessness is shown in her insistence that her client is truly the role model, because she lives her life “with dignity, grace, laughter and love”.   

Letters of Support: Delia Wassing & Ashlynn Aspden