Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

Ontario families need childcare

Published on July 7, 2020

QUEEN'S PARK - "My question is to the Minister of Education. Speaker, Danielle Deans is a teacher from London West. Her daughter was in child care and her son will be starting JK. The shortage of child care and the uncertainty about the school year is creating significant stress for Danielle, who wonders how she can go back into the classroom if she can’t find care for her own family.

Sue Pullam, also from London West, has five school-aged grandchildren, whose parents are returning to work. Sue’s husband has a health condition, and like many grandparents, they can’t be expected to provide child care if school is part-time.

Speaker, if neither educators nor parents can find child care, how does this minister expect students to be able to return to school?"

"Speaker, another London West constituent told me that his wife is an ECE and has been recalled to work. Their daughter had been attending the same child care centre his wife works at, but spots were raffled, and they did not get a space. Their other two school-age children will also need care if school is part-time.

My constituent has been working throughout the pandemic but is considering taking a leave from work to stay home with the kids. He was told by his employer that there are too many employees already on COVID leave and he may have to quit instead.

Speaker, does this minister think that forcing people to quit their jobs because they can’t find child care will do anything to help Ontario’s economic recovery?"