Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

2019 London West Leading Women Leading Girls

Alia Awaysheh

Alia is an energetic and committed community organizer and union leader. She is actively involved with the Thames Valley Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario. Her passion for advocacy ignites the same in others. Alia brings colleagues along to rallies for education and organizes the Thames Valley float at London Pride.

Letters of Support: Mark MacLeod & Mike Thomas

Mahin Ghasemiyani

Mahin has made it her life’s mission to not only work with and lead women in the London community in different capacities, but she has done so with endless dedication and passion. She has worked on advisory committees and boards supporting immigrant women and girls, as well as survivors of abuse. Mahin is a mentor to them, aiding them in finding success.

Letters of Support: Ban Abood & Parwana Wassie

Maryam Khan

Maryam is a loyal, hard-working philanthropist and mentor who is dedicated to empowering women and helping them to achieve their goals. As Vice President of the Delta Chapter of Delta Psi Delta she encouraged sisters to become civically engaged. She is a councillor on MP Peter Fragiskatos’ Youth Council and a member of the Pride Working Group at the City of London.

Letters of Support: Emma Brown & Courtney Smith

Yusar Madlol

Yusar is a dedicated leader who demonstrates positive values and provides support to those around her. Yusar has been an active member of the Boys and Girls Club of London since 2011. She takes initiative to mentor younger girls by promoting social independence, moral integrity, and helping with conflict resolution.

Letters of support: Heather Fraser & Mahin Ghasemiyani

Sarah Ramsay

Sarah is a leader who encourages a positive and inclusive space for all people by showing respect, empathy, kindness, and a positive and joyful attitude. As facilitator and leader of the Mood Disorder’s Self Help Group, Sarah has created a safe environment where members can share their personal experiences without judgement.

Letters of support: David Cuellar & Tatiana Zdyb

Barbara Robinson

Barbara is a long-time volunteer in the community who is both steadfast and adventurous. Through the 40-year span of her work with Girl Guides and Rangers, Women’s Events Committee (WEC), and London Ecumenical Refugee Committee, Barb has always found a way to lift up young women as they journey into adulthood.

Letters of support: Julie McDonald & Shelley Yeo

Leslie Tabler

Leslie goes above and beyond to create a sense of community, identity and purpose for girls she works with at Anago Parkhill, a school and therapeutic care residence that offers support to female youth in need of protection. Leslie supports the participation of girls from diverse communities who are overcoming or struggling with major life challenges and experiences.

Letters of support: Laura Briscoe & Vasilios Nikides