Peggy Sattler MPP, London West

Government of Ontario

2018 London West Leading Women Leading Girls

Injey Ali

Injey is a Grade 7 student who spends countless hours volunteering with newcomer children and youth, especially from the Azerbaijani and Turkish communities. With her easy smile and enthusiasm, she has a special talent for making other young people feel welcomed and encouraging them to become involved in community activities. She is a “go to” person who offers kindness, support and positive energy to people of all generations, and whose natural talents as a leader and mentor make her a role model for youth across many different cultures.

Letters of Support: Halit Sarikahya & Kamala Shiriyeva

Marci Allen-Easton

Marci is a passionate community advocate and champion of women and girls.  As a board member with Women & Politics, Marci has focused on strengthening the leadership capacity of women and girls in our community, by developing a workshop to engage young women in politics and through her leadership with the “50 for London” campaign. A long-time volunteer with Nor’West Soccer, Marci has broken new ground for women and girls in recreational sports, and is a relentless advocate for those less fortunate through her work on the board of the London Middlesex Housing Corporation.

Letters of Support: Shawna Lewkowitz, Josh Morgan & Lisa Topp

Tarela Okoronkwo

Tarela is an energetic and determined Grade 12 student who is taking action on health promotion. As a member of the Middlesex-London Health Unit’s youth advocacy team, One Life One You, Tarela pushed for policy changes to reduce health risks for young people associated with smoking in movies. She helped to organize smoke-free movie nights in the community, and is also a member of Freeze the Industry, a network of youth activists taking a stand against the tobacco industry, and serves as a vital member of her school’s Healthy School Committee and Peer Support Team.

Letters of Support: Vanessa Di Marcelli, Linda Stobo & Stephanie Tea

Grace Patrick

Grace is a talented artist who is committed to art for social purpose. In 2017, Grace decided to paint 150 maple leaves to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial, while raising awareness of woman abuse and the importance of services for women who have experienced violence, abuse and human trafficking. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of her paintings were donated to the London Abused Women’s Centre (LAWC). Grace continues to use her artistry to raise funds for the vital front-line services provided by LAWC.

Letters of Support: Jennifer Dunn, Janet Frood

Trista Reid

Trista is a social entrepreneur and Grade 9 student whose compassion for those less fortunate was evident from an early age. In Grade 7, she launched Trista’s Mission, a campaign to collect warm outerwear for those in need. Her most recent project involves creating a full service homeless shelter that caters to people and their pets, in recognition of the benefits of pets for people who experience homelessness. Trista is currently engaged in discussions with community mentors to help make this vision a reality.

Letters of Support: Tracy Morrison & Chris Moss 

Deanna Ronson

Deanna embraces community building through volunteerism, using her unique talents and positivity to support vital community organizations and events. She is also an inspirational role model for women and girls by being open on social media about her own significant mental health challenges and exposing the cracks in our mental health system. In 2017, she launched a GoFundMe campaign as part of her mental health self-advocacy journey.  

Letters of Support: Rachelle Lamarche & Heather Reid 

Anne-Marie Sánchez

Anne-Marie is a founding member of Women & Politics, whose fearless advocacy has contributed to dismantling barriers for women and girls. By bringing a gender and equity lens to policy discussions, she has ensured that the needs of racialized women and girls are taken into account in city planning and decision-making. She is also a member of the City of London’s Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Oppression Advisory Committee and has dedicated countless hours to developing the City of London’s Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Letters of Support: Shawna Lewkowitz & Susan Toth